Mongol Ger

Mongol Ger project took off when Ulaanbaatar Hub shaper Bat-Erdene's tweet went viral becoming one of the most shared tweets in Mongolia with over 1,700 retweets. "Mongol Ger" project aims to bring nomadic culture and vital life skills to urban school children. Through this project middle and high school students in 60 public schools received Gers and selective course on Mongol ger and its features. “Mongol Ger” project was realized with the support from Oyu Tolgoi LLC, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and Institute of Engineering and Technology of Mongolia.

“Mongol Ger” project aims to preserve and cherish the connection with the Mongolian traditional culture and customs by educating generation about our traditions. Our objective was to contribute to solve the current social issues arising from the growing distance between the modern urban life and traditional nomadic culture and customs.

To reach our objective Oyu Tolgoi LLC funded our project and we worked closely with Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, 60 public schools and Institute of Engineering and Technology of Mongolia. We have developed the concepts, handbooks, training material to be included in the curriculum and trained all civil education teachers from 60 public schools. Global Shapers have organized a public event at the main square of Ulaanbaatar, including all the schools and have announced a friendly competition on ger building and decoration.